We’ve been in the outdoor adventure business for 23 years now, and can’t get enough of creating awesome memories with our clients. Over the years we’ve refined our adventures to give you the best experience you could ask for.

With each one of our adventures, it’s our goal to make your experience enjoyable from the time you call us all the way through to the moment finish your adventure. Here’s a little bit about what you’ll experience when you ride around Southern Utah with us:

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  • We offer three general adventure lengths: three, four, or five-hour. We refer to our three-hour adventure as the “Sandstone Teaser” adventure, and the Spring/Fall Sunset Adventure. Our four-hour adventure is called our half-day “Rattlesnake Roundup” Adventure and Half-Day Sunset Adventure.

    The five-hour adventure, or “Red Rock Rally” is a bit different because lunch is provided. While we typically schedule our adventures in the mornings and afternoons, we can schedule an adventure at any time that works for our clients.

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  • Coming out and on an adventure with us gives you the opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful country available as we think Zion National Park is one of the most unique and exquisite natural spaces available. Remember, we require all our riders to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. We meet you at Sand Hollow State Park (directions can be found on the contact page) with all the equipment you’ll need.

    We have you meet there 30 minutes early so we can go over any missing paperwork, equipment, and how to operate your machine. This way, we don’t waste any precious ATV adventure time! For example, if you have a half-day adventure scheduled for 9 a.m. that ends at 1 p.m., we meet you there at 8:30 a.m. to go over everything, so you can start riding your machine at 9 on the dot, and then you have a full four hours of fun on your Utah ATV tour!

    Most of our riders are first-time riders, and we have a training session at the beginning of your adventure to ensure that everyone is comfortable with their machine. Once everyone is ready, your guide leads you on your adventure through the desert! He shows you the way through trails, rocks, valleys, and the sand. His job is to make sure you stay safe, operate in your comfort zone, and have a great time! The guide brings along a cooler of ice-cold bottled water and a variety of snacks for you to enjoy while you are out playing.

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  • We use two different types of machines for our tours. The first is an ATV, or four-wheeler. These machines have been around for a long time, and they are our most popular piece of equipment. We have both medium and large-sized ATVs, and can handle any weight limit. When we book your adventure, we ask for your weight and experience so we can match you up with the best ATV for you.

    The other type of machine we use is the Jeep-UTV, which stands for Utility Task Vehicle. These are often referred to as just a UTV, Side-X-Side or Razor. Jeep-UTVs are made as both two seater and four seater. We have the four-seater version, which allows four adults to ride together in one. The Jeep-UTV is designed much like a car, with a steering wheel, seat belts, brake/gas peddles, and mirrors.

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  • We can handle just about any age. The biggest worry for our clients is whether they can physically handle an ATV or Jeep-UTV. Most of our machines have power steering, so turning the machine isn’t a challenge, it’s being able to handle the machine over the contours of the trails. But it’s easier than you think!

    We’ve had some awesome 90 year olds come ride with us. Kids as young as two years old can typically ride along in a UTV. Give us a call with any further questions on age or physical ability. We want everyone to experience our adventures feeling safe and comfortable.

For additional information, please see our FAQ page.


  • Chevron down Adventure Highlights
    • Beginner level riding (we love the first-time riders)
    • Visit amazing Red Rock formations
    • Experience the vast beauty of the Southern Utah desert
    • Learn history about the early settlers
    • Play in the red sand dunes, different than anything else on earth
  • Chevron down Different ways you can enjoy an adventure with us
    • ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle)- These are often called 4-wheelers
    • ATV 2-UP (All-Terrain Vehicle built for two people)-** This is an ATV that is specially built for two people, passengers must be 10 years old
    • Jeep-UTV (Utility Task Vehicle)- These are also referred to as a Side-X-Side
    • Jeep-UTV Passenger- our Jeep-UTVs hold 4 people, one driver and three passengers, kids as young as two years old can ride as a passenger
  • Chevron down What We Provide
    • ATV/UTV (depending on your selection)
    • Helmet
    • Eye protection
    • Riding gloves
    • Neck buff (each paying customer receives a free Neck Buff to keep)
    • Snacks
    • Ice-cold water bottles
    • Detailed training and instructions from our amazing guides
  • Chevron down What To Bring
    • All guests must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes
    • You’ll definitely want a camera
    • We provide water but if you have other non-alcoholic beverages you’d like to bring we typically have cooler space for them.
    • A jacket (unless it’s the middle of summer)
    • Driver’s license and credit card


  • Chevron down Van Excursions
  • The five-hour excursion is called our Petroglypth Van Excursion.

    We typically try and schedule tours in the morning and afternoon to end before the sunlight is gone. However, we have the ability to schedule an excursion any time that will work for our clients.

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  • When you come out on a excursion with us, you will have an opportunity to see sites most locals don’t even know about. At the start of your Utah van tour we meet at our local facility. Depending on our schedule and the participating parties, we have the ability to come pick you up at your hotel, this just needs to be coordinated with our receptionist. Getting to our location, we ask that you show up 20 minutes early so we can gather any missing paperwork and prep you for your adventure.

    The guide then explains what’s on the itinerary and answers any questions you might have. During the excursion your guide brings along a cooler of ice-cold bottled water and a variety of snacks to enjoy while your are out playing. We require all participants to wear closed-toe shoes, just to keep your feet protected while out sightseeing. You’re going to have an amazing time. Be sure to bring your camera, there is lots to see.

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  • Our van has been built to take you out into the beautiful vastness of Southern Utah. Over the years we’ve had clients request the ability to see some of the diverse terrain without the need to take an ATV.

    We came up with the idea of an off-road van. The Adventure Van can hold 10 adults and obviously provides a barrier between you and the elements.

  • Chevron down Our Participants
  • On the Van Excursions we can handle any age. From the infant in the car seat to our seasoned adventurers, we are ready to show you a great time.

    Please be sure to communicate any special needs to our reservationist upon booking and do everything in our ability to accommodate.

For additional information, please see our FAQ page.

White van used for excursions