We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience possible, and that begins with providing safe, well kept, and clean ATV’s. If our customers don’t feel safe and secure, the fun stops. Our number one priority is for our riders to be safe, and we provide the best equipment on the market to do so. Check out the ATV and JEEP-UTV machines that we have available!

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

Polaris Sportman 550 EPS

Polaris Sportman 550 EPS

The Polaris Sportsman 550 is everything the Sportsman 500 is but with more power, and seating for two riders. While many people simply put a second person on the back of a one seater, this four-wheeler is built and manufactured to have two riders.

Features include: Passenger seat with foot mounts, longer wheel base, larger motor, and extra suspension to handle the extra weight. If you’re looking for a ride that will allow you to simply enjoy the sites, this is the ATV for you!


Can Am Outlander L450

The Outlander L is Can Am’s new contribution to the mid-sized ATV field. The Outlander feels as stable as a large ATV, yet is nimble and easy to handle.

A few features are: 38-hp 450cc engine, independent front and rear suspension, limited slip 4-wheel drive, electronic fuel injection, fully automatic transmission, full hydraulic brakes, 10.5 inches of ground clearance, and weighs 678 lbs.

In summary, this is a great, easy machine for any rider.

Polaris Sportman 500

Polaris Sportman 500

Over the last couple of years, Polaris has evolved and become the top ATV manufacturer. They constantly innovate and improve their product while others just try and keep up. The Sportsman has been their flagship model for nearly 20 years, because of its stability and comfort. This ATV can handle anything we throw at it.

Some of its many features include: 500cc motor, independent suspension (best in its class), and automatic transmission.


Honda Rancher 420

Honda has been in the ATV business as long as ATV’s have been around. They’re known for their long-lasting quality and dependability, because Honda ATV’s typically last 3 to 4 times longer than the average.

Our 420 Rancher is Honda’s top model, with great features like: On demand 4 wheel drive, electronic shifting, fully independent suspension, and electric power steering.

This light weight and nimble machine is perfect for younger riders, or someone who is worried about being able to handle a heavy machine.

JEEP-UTV (Utility Task Vehicle)

Polaris Razor 900 4 seater

Polaris Razor 900 4 seater

When Polaris came out with their Razor 800 in the early 2000’s, it lit off an explosion of growth, and Polaris has continued to lead the industry ever since. With awesome suspension, ease of operation, and undeniable durability, this is the perfect vehicle for an amazing ride with family or friends.

It operates much like a car, with features such as: A steering wheel, foot brake, gas pedal, 900cc motor, best suspension in class, full roll cage, 4 seats, seat belts, cup holders, storage space, shade top to protect from the sun, and a windshield.

This family friendly, yet exciting ride is one of our most recommended experiences!

Can Am Maverick Max 1000

Can Am Maverick Max 1000

In recent years, Can Am has entered the UTV market and has quickly grown to be one of the industry leaders. The Maverick Max 1000 is the next generation Side-X-Side or UTV. Can Am has taken the quality and refinement of off road machines to a whole new level.

The Maverick is operated much like the Razor with it’s car like features. Can Am is the industry leader when it comes to comfort and rideability. This machine will be sure to put a smile on your face.