• Chevron down How long has ATV & Jeep ATV Adventure Tours been in business?
  • Our company, ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours, was started by Jim and Laurie Clay over 23 years ago, and we were the first adventure tour company of this kind to operate in Southern Utah and still the #1 ATV tour company in Southern Utah. After Jim’s passing, the company was sold to our current owners, who are from Northern Utah, and they are very familiar with the rental and tour business.

    Our company is fully staffed from the general manager to the shop person, with people who have lived and worked within our local community for years. We have grown leaps and bounds in the last year and have had a banner year to date giving adventures and making memories for our guests. We don’t just give a tour, we provide adventure tours.

  • Chevron down How long are your tours?
  • We have several different options for tour length. First, is our short teaser tour that is three hours long, this is ideal for people short on time. Next, we have our well rounded and very popular half day adventure that is four hours in length.

    For those who can’t get enough, we have our full-day tour that is typically five to five and a half hours. Last of all, we have our new Off-Road Historical and Geological Van Tour that is five hours. We also have a three-hour van tour available.

  • Chevron down What type of adventures do you do?
  • We offer ATV, JEEP-UTV, and off-road van tours.

    See our machines here.

    See our adventures here.

  • Chevron down What times of day can I start an adventure?
  • We typically have ATV tours in St. George depart in the morning and then again in the late afternoon for the sunset tours. Furthermore, tour departure times vary depending on the time of year and the adventure you select.

    Also, we have tours that leave earlier and go out later in the summer and the reverse for winter. We do the best to find a departure time that suits your needs. Remember, we can customize a tour to fit your schedule!

  • Chevron down Where do I meet for the tours?
  • For the ATV & JEEP-UTV tours we have the pleasure of being able to stage our adventure tours directly out of Sand Hollow State Park. With ATV & Jeep Adventure tours when you get on your ATV you’re on the dirt ready to play, there is no riding on the road to get to the trail to start your tour.

    Also, for our Adventure Van Tours, we start at our physical location located at 1324 s Sandhill Dr. Washington, UT. 84780. We also have the option to pick you up for an Adventure Van Tour.

  • Chevron down How old do I have to be to book a tour?
  • You must be 21 years old to book a tour.

  • Chevron down How old do I have to be to come on a tour?
  • To ride in a Jeep-UTV a child must be at least two years of age or older. Also, if your child typically uses a car seat in your car, then you will need to bring it along with you to put in the Jeep-UTV for your tour. Your child must be property restrained in the car seat when the machine is running.

    For an ATV, we don’t allow passengers to ride on our ATVs. However, we do have a couple specially designed ATVs which are referred to as a ATV 2-UP. The 2-UP refers to the fact that it is uniquely built for two adults to ride on. Children or adults can ride as a passenger on the ATV 2-UP machines but child passengers must be at least 10 years old to ride.

  • Chevron down How old do I have to be to drive a machine?
    • To be the driver of an ATV or 2-UP ATV you must be 18 years old.
    • To be the driver of a Jeep-UTV side by side you do have to be 21 years old or over, no exceptions.
    • To be a passenger in a Jeep- UTV you must be at least two years old. If your child requires a car seat, then please bring it so we can use it in the Jeep-UTV.
    • To be a Passenger on a 2-UP you must be at least 10 years old.
  • Chevron down Is there a dress code?
  • Yes. For safety reasons you are required to wear long pants and closed-toed protective footwear, such as sneakers or boots.

    Consequently, we do not allow flip flops or sandals to be worn on any of our tours.

  • Chevron down Do I need to bring my own water?
  • No. You are welcome to bring your own water bottle but our guides will be equipped with a cooler full of ice cold water and snacks for everyone.

  • Chevron down Are there restrooms available during the tour?
    • No, the only restrooms are located where you begin the tour. Our guides always remind everyone to visit the restroom before your tour begins.
    • Even while on tour, our guides are prepared for all situations, so just let them know you need to use the restroom and they will advise you on what to do.
  • Chevron down What if the weather is bad and it's raining or looks like rain?
  • We ask that you still meet your guide 30 minutes before your tour time at the staging location at Sand Hollow State Park. You and your guide will decide if you want to go on your tour and if our guide feels it is safe.

    Our rain storms typically are very short and do not stick around for long. Our guides do carry rain gear with them just in case. Besides, it’s a blast to ride in the rain!

  • Chevron down Can pregnant women go on a tour?
  • No. Since it can be a bumpy ride at times we do not want to risk the safety and well-being of any pregnant woman or her child.

  • Chevron down What happens if someone gets hurt?
  • We require all our guides to be fully trained in CPR, first aid, and to carry first aid kits. Each guide carries a cell phone with them at all times.

    Our tours are always within cell phone range where a guide could call for help if they feel they cannot render adequate first aid.

  • Chevron down Does everyone have to wear a helmet?
  • Yes. Safety is our first concern and we do provide DOT approved helmets for each guest. The guides will typically tell you if the key to the machine is in the off position then you can take off your helmet.

    We require helmets to be worn by everyone whenever their machines are running.

  • Chevron down Do we need to tip our guide?
  • Our guides work very hard to make sure everyone is safe and has an exceptional time. We do not require a gratuity but your guide will always appreciate the thoughtfulness of a guest expressing their appreciation for the hard work they do.

    Tip income goes a long way toward making guiding a viable career option.

  • Chevron down How far are you from Zion National Park?
  • We are 31 miles away from Zion National Park and it takes you about 45 minutes to get to us from Zion.

  • Chevron down Where are you located at?
  • Where we are located and where our tours start are two different places. Please don’t google our business address. Instead, follow the instructions we will send you upon booking.

    Our ATV & Jeep-UTV tours start at Sand Hollow State Park, our Van Tours start at our business location.

  • Chevron down How far are you from Las Vegas?
  • We are 133 miles from Las Vegas and travel time is around two hours.

  • Chevron down Do you operate year-round?
  • Yes, we operate year-round. The winter months in St. George are very mild and often provide the best weather to ride in.

  • Chevron down Do I need to be experienced?
  • No, we work with every skill level. Many of our customers have never ridden an ATV before. We will walk you through the operation of the ATV then take you out on a flat area for a training session.

  • Chevron down How is the length of the tour for my kids?
  • Whichever length of tour you take, we make stops along the way for the kids to get out and explore a little bit. Our guides go to great lengths to make sure the tour is catered to your situation.

  • Chevron down Do you provide lunch on our tour?
  • On every tour, we provide ice cold bottled water and a variety of snacks. We do provide lunch on our Full Day tour but not on any of the others.

  • Chevron down Can you recommend places to stay or eat?
  • Yes, feel free to ask our reservationist or your guide and they will be happy to give recommendations.

  • Chevron down Do your tours go into Zion National Park?
  • No, Zion National Park does not allow any tour companies to operate in the park. Our tours take place about 30 miles away from the entrance of the park. But on your ATV tour, you experience the Red Rock and sand this area is so popular for.

  • Chevron down Do you have a place to store my belongings while out on tour?
  • Items can be stowed in your car and anything you’d like to take out on tour with you like a jacket or camera will be able to be placed in one of the storage containers on the ATV.

  • Chevron down Will the weather effect my tour?
  • It could, weather is very mild and dry in this part of the world. We do, however, get rain and wind from time to time. Most of the time weather is not an issue. If you are having concerns about the weather as your tour approaches, please call us.

    If the weather is bad, we will typically contact you to discuss options. We do ask that you show up for your tour and discuss with our guide if you want to continue out on the tour.

  • Chevron down What is your cancellation policy?
  • When you book a tour with us we agree to hold your reservation and equipment for you on the requested date and time, however, if a cancellation is necessary we will fully refund the reservation if the cancellation is made 45 days prior to the tour. During the busy time of the season we typically book out two to three weeks in advance, as reservations fill up we must turn clients away.

    If you cancel a tour up to 72 hours prior to the tour, we will give you a credit for your tour to be used within 18 months. The closer we get to the tour date the more likely it is that we have already turned other clients away.

    Cancellations less than 72 hours from the tour or failure to show up results in no refund of money. Within 72 hours of a tour we have lined up equipment and personnel to fulfill your reservation.

  • Chevron down What if I need to make changes to my reservation?
  • If you need to make changes to your reservation we are happy to help, just give us a call, and we will accommodate your requests in every way we can.

  • Chevron down Can I bring my own personal machine?
  • Yes, we do allow clients to bring their own equipment but this must be coordinated with our receptionist.

  • Chevron down Do I have to pay for my whole tour upon booking?
  • Yes, we require full payment of your reservation upon booking.

  • Chevron down Is there a weight limit?
  • We do not have a weight limit requirement, we can typically accommodate any weight within reason.

  • Chevron down Will I have to sign a waiver?
  • Yes, once you book a tour we will email you the waiver. It will be in electronic form and you will be able to send it to the other participants of your tour.

    If you are not able to receive it electronically we can bring paper copies to have you sign at the beginning of the tour.

  • Chevron down If my tour starts at a set time, do I have to be there early?
  • We ask all our guest to arrive 30 minutes prior to the stated start time. This gives us a chance to get you equipped with the proper equipment and go over the operation and safety rules.

    By showing up 30 minutes prior to your start time we will make sure you spend your tour time doing what you’ve paid for, having a great time!

  • Chevron down Can I bring my pet out on tour with me?
  • No, as much as we love animals it is not safe to have them out on tour with us. There are a few animal boarding companies (be sure you have record of your animals shots) in the area so be sure to make arrangements before you head out for your tour.

    We strongly discourage leaving animals in the car during your tour, Southern Utah gets very hot and is not conducive for animals being left in your car.