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Southern Utah Backcountry ATV Tours

Quick Details

ATV 2-Up Price is per machine!
2 People
UTV 2 Seat Price is per machine!
2 People
UTV 4 Seat Price is per machine!
4 People
UTV 6 Seat Price is per machine!
6 People

Live a new adventure with Backcountry ATV Tours!

If you are looking to get off the beaten path, see the Backcountry of Southern Utah and get a bit dirty and dusty then our backcountry ATV tours are perfect for you. You will get to see amazing sites that no other adventure tour will take you to see.
You can either drive or be a passenger with our seasoned adventure tour guide in the luxury of a Can Am side by side UTV.
Our Backcountry adventure tour will take you through the twists and turns of Warner Valley and stop to explore the amazing 190 Million-year-old authentic dinosaur tracks! Then over to see a historic fort from the Black Hawk War. You might even get to see the elusive Red Man Pictograph.
Then we hit the true Backcountry!
You will ride over mountain ranges, thru valleys, washes, and some wide-open spaces and drop down to the Glitter Mine. This is a working Gypsum Mine that only AJAT has a permit to take you to see. The area glistens and shines just like you discovered millions of crystals.
Back over the mountains with many twists, turns, exhilarating whooptie bumps and fantastic scenery to drop down to Little Black Mountain to take in hundreds of ancient petroglyphs.
Our backcountry ATV tour guides will cater to each driver and passenger to make this the best and safest Backcountry ATV tour you can ever have.

Backcountry ATV Tour Highlights

  • Beginner level riding (we love the first-time riders)- Great for Families
  • Visit amazing Red Rock formations
  • Experience the vast beauty of the Southern Utah Desert
  • Learn history about the early settlers
  • Explore the Southern Utah backcountry, different than anything else on earth
  • Petroglyphs – you will love the Ancient Petroglyphs at Little Black Mountain left over an 8,000 year period by the Fremont, Anasazi, and Paiute Indians.
  • Glitter Mountain – you get to explore the Gypsum Mine also known as Glitter Mountain, where you can gather some of your own crystals.
  • Historical Fort – visit the historical remains of Fort Pearce which served to protect the pioneers during the Utah Black Hawk War.
  • Dinosaur Tracks – explore Warner Valley Dinosaur tracks where you can compare the size of your shoe with a Eubrontes track possibly made by a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur.
  • Backcountry off roading – On this adventure we will not stick to the roads but head out over mountains, thru valleys and washes to see the most amazing backcountry scenery in Southern Utah.
  • We provide snacks and ice-cold water

There are a couple different ways you can enjoy a tour with us:

Jeep-UTV (Utility Task Vehicle)- These are also referred to as a Side-X-Side or UTV. Our Jeep’s hold 4 to 6 people, one driver and 3 to 5 passengers.  You can either drive yourselves following our adventure guide or for a bit more extreme adventure you can be driven by our adventure tour guide.